Reclaim Appalachia exists to convert mining-impacted lands in Central Appalachia into sustainable economic development sites by tapping into the resiliency and work ethic of former miners and other coalfield workers.
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We address mining-impacted landscapes with innovation and creativity.

Reclaim Appalachia sees the post-mining landscapes of Appalachia as assets rather than liabilities. The rocky, compacted spoil left after mountaintop mining can be converted into a loose sandy loam soil with the right preparation techniques. Water and cool air from old underground mines can be utilized for aquaculture and geothermal heating/cooling. Solar energy, rotational grazing, and agroforestry orchards are all possible on landscapes that are currently forgotten or underutilized.

We are always looking for new project sites, contact us if you have access to mining impacted lands that could be reclaimed or developed. Learn more about our work and existing project sites.

We measure success according to the triple bottom line.





Rebuilding the Appalachian economy from the ground up.